Financial Shero of the Week

10 questions to Danijela Kirsch, active blogger, speaker, technologist and enthusiastic networker in the IT industry.

1.  What did you buy with your first self-earned money?

I saved money and paid my driving license by own.

2.  What tools do you use to organize your finances?

Online banking, “Finanzblick” Application, Paypal and Excel.

3.  Do you own stocks or funds?

In the past both, today just Fonds.

4.  If we gave you 1000 Euros, what would you do with the money?

Travel, education for me and my sons. And buying gifts!! I love to see happy, smiling people around me.

5.  What is worth spending (a lot of) money on?

In travel and education. It opens up our horizon, gives the feeling of freedom and educates us.  And it passes on! Money is a symbol of life energy and must flow constantly. The word “currency” comes from Latin “currere” and means “flow”. Is there anything more beautiful than giving? To help make the world a better place to live in and to make the children of the world happier?

6.  Have you ever forgotten your PIN?

Unfortunately yes, a few times.

7.  How do you pay: card or digital?


8.  Last major purchase?

Again for education –  “Search Inside Yourself” Google Mindfulness certificate.

9.  The last time you managed to resist the impulse to buy – and what was it?

Shoes… Those are my weakness.

10.  What is priceless?

Money can’t buy true love, time, intelligence or friendship. And feelings of happiness and gratefulness.