Curaze Code of Conduct

Welcome to CURAZE! To keep this an inclusive and comfortable platform, we have some code of conduct for all our members. CURAZE was designed as a space to build authentic and meaningful relationships, where companies all around the world can learn and share their experience in a safe space. We believe that setting guidelines is essential for this.

When you join CURAZE as a member, you agree to follow these guidelines. Violation may result in the removal of materials, comments or other member content or termination of a membership and registration in the CURAZE memberspace.

Our Dos and Don'ts

  • Use a real name and identity on the CURAZE memberspace. The credibility and authenticity of CURAZE start with the people.
  • Pay attention to copyright and trademark law when posting videos, photos or other materials. Do not pass off someone else’s trademark as your own.
  • Respect other members privacy and your own. Do not post or solicit personal information or any information that you do not want made public.
  • You may not share, threaten to share, or encourage the sharing of other members' private information without their prior permission.
  • CURAZE is all about connecting do not use our space as a sales platform. Bear in mind that CURAZE is not for advertising (e.g. "Win a free consultation!").
  • Do not upload inappropriate content. If a user shares inappropriate, offensive, hateful, threatening or abusive content to the memberspace, we reserve the right to ban the member from any of our services. Period.
  • At CURAZE, we encourage open and sincere discussions among members. All communication should be respectful. We do not accept activity or communication that negatively affect the experience of other members.
  • Keep it legal. Participating in or encouraging any illegal activity is cause for immediate termination of a membership and registration in the CURAZE community.
  • We appreciate an inclusive and tolerant tone, and we welcome diverse people and perspectives. Avoid terms that indicate gender bias. Content or comments that are violent, defamatory, racist, or hateful will be removed.
  • Play fair! You may not transcribe, record or reproduce or share information obtained in the CURAZE memberspace without prior permission.

If you witness a rule violation, please let us know! Follow these links for our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you have questions, feedback or suggestions, please drop us a line at



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