Financial Shero of the Week

10 questions for Ines Maria Stögerer, Associate Digital Transformation PwC Germany

1.  What did you buy with your first self-earned money?

Ooh… I was probably shopping with my best friend and bought some new shoes.

2.  What tools do you use to organize your finances?

Currently an Excel sheet, together with the mobile apps of my bank, is enough for me. When traveling with friends I also like to use Splitwise to keep track of my expenses.

3.  Do you own stocks or funds?

Stocks and ETFs. In my experience, women generally do not have enough to do with this topic – I myself started only two years ago. My tip is to be brave and try it out. Informing yourself and then making targeted decisions can pay off.

4.  If we gave you 1000 Euros, what would you do with the money?

If there were no big expenses at the moment I would probably save or invest at least 60%. The rest I would probably spend on a trip – flight or train ticket, hotel, etc.. 😉

5.  What is worth spending (a lot of) money on?

Experiences. I have always been the type who would rather spend money on a trip, a great meal, etc. with friends and family than on an expensive handbag.

6.  Have you ever forgotten your PIN?

Is that a trick question?

7.  How do you pay: card or digital?

Most often with card, occasionally with the Apple Watch or via app (e.g. Deutsche Bahn Navigator, mytaxi). I almost never have cash, which can be quite inconvenient in Germany.

8.  Last major purchase?

During our move last year we put a lot of money into furniture for the new flat. But if you like to come home to it every day, it’s worth it.

9.  The last time you managed to resist the impulse to buy – and what was it?

During my last vacation in New York with my family I discovered a great business dress while shopping with my mother, and shortly afterwards the matching blazer. After some critical self-reflection I realized (at the checkout) that a very similar blazer is already in my closet. So I put it back back and I (almost) didn’t regret it.

10.  What is priceless?

Family, friends, love, happiness, and contentment (not necessarily in this order).