Desk-Talk: Ulrike Spaak

We’re curious where you work and what your workplace looks like. So we’ve asked readers to show us their desk and reveal a few secrets. Here’s a look at Ulrike Spaak’s workspace in Berlin


The workspace of Ulrike Spaak, founder of „Die Gefährtin“

1. Home office or company space?

Home office. As an independent trainer, coach, and consultant for cultural development, communication, and positive leadership, I am often with clients. All preparation and follow-up work is done in my home office.

2. Where did you get your desk from? 

My desk is actually a wooden door that is over 100 years old, which I converted and redesigned myself in a shabby chic style. The house we live in is from 1892. During the renovation four years ago, the door was removed and placed in the shed. It was too good to throw away. When I started my own business and was looking for a desk, I had the idea to sand and paint the old door. I applied the ornaments with a stamp and at the end lacquered it. I preserved the old door key, it is my special decorative element.

3. Is your desk generally organized or generally messy? 

My desk is usually tidy or clearly organized, otherwise, I cannot work well. The less on it, the better I feel. When I prepare my training, many notes and books tend to collect next to the laptop. After work, I have to clean up before I can continue working the next day.

4. What is the one favourite thing on your desk? 

My wooden lantern. I like it cosy. From time to time I like to light a candle to remind me to pause or take a break.

5. How many hours a day do you spend at your desk?

Usually, I spend 6-8 hours a day at my desk. When my two children go to school in the morning, I start working, when they come home from school in the afternoon, I stop. I often work another two hours in the evening when the children are in bed.

6. Do you eat at your desk or is it unthinkable for you?

Yes, there is always a cup of coffee or tea on the table. Sometimes I nibble fruits and vegetables while I work. I have also had lunch at my desk. I try to be mindful however and not let it become a habit.

7. What did you hide from your desk when you snapped the picture for us?

My empty salad bowl, my hand cream, and my mobile phone, because I took the picture with it. 😉


Ulrike Spaak founder of 'Die Gefärtin'

Ulrike Spaak is the founder of „Die Gefährtin”. She accompanies the culture change in the enterprise by an (online) training program. With this training, managers receive proven methods to survive in the new world of work with new patterns of thinking and concrete action steps.

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