A Perfect Match

Three questions for Louise Troen, vice president of international marketing & communications at Bumble. The dating-app company is launching their big campaign “Find Them on Bumble Bizz: Berlin Edition”, which includes a unique grant to a women-owned business

You decided to start a big campaign, “Find Them on Bumble Bizz: Berlin Edition”. Tell us a little about the idea – and why you chose Berlin.

With the campaign we celebrate Germany’s buzzing capital. We’ve hand-selected 20 Bumble Bizz users from the city to showcase real stories of real people. We actively chose the real movers and shakers of Berlin – the real people on the ground who keep this city buzzing. Instead of A-list celebrities or influencers with massive followings, we selected a diverse array of backgrounds and industries – from designers to doctors, artists to models, entrepreneurs to activists – to be featured in our biggest German campaign to date. We’re always looking for new ways to inspire our users. By championing some of our incredible existing users, we’re showing Berliners what can happen when they go after what they want and make the first – or next move – in their career.

Do women network differently and how does Bumble refer to this?
In the past, networking has been one of the main realms where women are statically in the back seat and other networking apps don’t take the necessary steps to make sure their users are safe from harassment. This is why Bumble Bizz i​s unique as it adheres to all the same values as our other verticals do and allows women to make the first move in a safe environment.

Historically, women have also been excluded by “boys clubs” that allow men to socialize and network, the result of which still exists today. Only 2.2% of all venture capital is given to female businesses as investors are more likely to invest in companies they know and have met socially before. This is why we are launching our Bumble Bizz Grant on the 26th of September – a unique grant to a women-owned business. A women-led business can apply in any of our modes or nominate a business from September 26th to October 18th. We hope to provide a key growth opportunity for inspiring entrepreneurs and ultimately bring the women founders community closer together.

Apart from Bumble and social channels: what are your three personal networking tips?
My three personal networking tips are: 1) Make the first move – don’t be shy to go for what you want. You will be surprised how many doors will open for you. 2) Be kind – no matter to whom. Each person is worthy to be treated with nothing but kindness and who knows, the person who is getting you your coffee today might be the one you will ask for a job the next. 3) All rules are meant to be broken – be you, be authentic and genuine and you will connect with the right people at the right time.

In cooperation with MADE.COM, the British furniture design label, Bumble is offering a German company founded by women the opportunity to be financially supported with the Bumble Bizz Grant: €20,000 awarded by Bumble, and design products worth €10,000 provided by MADE.COM. Applicants must switch to Bizz Mode in the Bumble App and take part in the competition.

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