A Day in the Life: Sandra Kempf

Each week we ask a different person to give us a brief overview of their schedule. This week is Sandra Kempf, project manager of the European Fintech Alliance and co-founder and CEO of FRIENDS 4 FRIENDS

Sandra Kempf was born in Freiburg, Germany. After receiving a scholarship to the boarding school Birklehof, she decided to study sociology, politics, and economics at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. While studying she worked at the Chair of Mobility, Trade, and Logistics as a student assistant and was part of two projects supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on future mobility concepts such as inductive charging systems for cars or cargo bicycles. After this position, the European Fintech Alliance hired her to manage the Brussels office in representing the interests of the Fintech industry in Europe. Here she gained work experience in several digital fields related to the Fintech industry such as AI, crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and EU-related law like the PSD2 Regulation. Now she is taking the first steps towards being an entrepreneur by founding the company FRIENDS 4 FRIENDS, which aims to be a business network in Europe. Besides work, Sandra loves yoga and cycling, playing the cello, festivals, and spending time with her friends.



Wake up and stay in bed five minutes longer while listening to the morning briefing from Handelsblatt on Spotify.


Get up, eat some cereal with fruit and check the latest news from Tagesschau, Eurotopics, and CNN on my smartphone at the same time.

8:00 – 8:45

Get ready, ride my bicycle to the office and try not to be killed by crazy people in their SUVs in a hurry trying to get through the morning traffic.

08:50- 9:00

First fresh-made coffee of the day before the real work begins.

09:00 -11:00

Check my emails and prioritize them for the day by task and urgency. Also, monitor all work-related news in my feedbro and, if they are interesting for our members, either write newsflashes or collect them for the monitoring service.

11:00- 12:00

Team call about the plans for the week which include reporting the progress of ongoing work, distributing the tasks for future projects, and solving problems if there are any.

12:00- 13:00

Lunch break with the team or with other stakeholders I previously met to catch up and identify/work on similar interests for collaboration. This is a good opportunity to connect with people personally and especially find some companions to increase my women’s business network.

13:00- 14:00

After lunch, reply to some emails from most to least important, saving the invitations to interesting events or conferences and informal documents about some political meetings.

14:00- 15:10

Prepare for a meeting in the afternoon. Collect information about the person I’m supposed to meet with and the company she represents: e.g. business field, stakeholders, lobby investment, major interest, partners, competitors, interesting directives from the commission, similarities, and so on.

16:00- 17:15

Second coffee of the day and meeting with a general manager from another finance association. Get to know each other, find out if there are common interests and what they want from me plus what could I get in exchange to arrange a win-win situation.

17:35- 18:00

Back in the office helping a colleague with some arrangements and doing some follow-up work regarding the meeting. Get the rest of the important things organized plus respond to some emails again.

18:00- 22:00

Go to a networking event about the future development of the European digital single market. Enjoy the buffet and drinks while meeting new people, chatting, and exchanging business cards. Listen to some lectures and again get angry about the fact that no women are sitting on the panel. Raise my hand to say it out loud followed by a content-related question. More conversations and follow-up talks later. Finally can grab one of my best friends in town for the last drink and talk about the day.


Get home and do my 30-minute yoga session before going to bed.