Do You Speak New Work?

OKRs, Scrum, Holacracy, WOL: With this quiz you can test how much you know about New Work. Are you familiar with the most important terms and can you assess where Germany stands? 10 exciting questions and answers with comments from experts. Have fun!

Let's start with the basics. Who actually invented ‘New Work’?
Martin Seligman invented the PERMA concept. What does it stand for?
When was the concept of the ‘knowledge worker’ introduced, which attributed a completely new role to employees?
Everyone is talking about New Work. But how do companies assess its relevance? The Haufe Akademie conducted a study in 2018 (‘Workplace of the Future’). Please estimate: What percentage of companies think that they only have a chance of surviving in the ‘War for Talents’ if they follow the working conditions according to New Work?
Marcus Fäth, psychologist and author of the ‘New Work’ charter, who translated Bergmann's theses into the present day, advocates replacing the term ‘work-life balance’. What term does he suggest instead?
Flat hierarchies are an essential feature of ‘New Work’. According to a study by Kienbaum & Stepstone ("The Art of Working in the Digital Revolution", 2018), which industries have the flattest hierarchies?
Okay, again, an abbreviation: What are OKRs?
What is meant by the term ‘holacracy’?
What is behind the acronym WOL?
SCRUM – often heard, but what does it exactly mean?
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