The Most Inspiring Female Artists

Her work consists of images, videos, and installations. Aoun lives and works between Beirut and London. She connects strategies from conceptual art and minimalism with the question of how the development of digital technologies changes our perception of images and information in a globalized world.

Aoun‘s environmental installation Contemplating Dispersion, 536 ml (2018) covers the exhibition wall with sheets of colored rice papers. From sheet to sheet the color disappears more and more. It shows a printing process, where the color slowly changes from totally black to the absence of color.

“Today’s digital technologies are increasingly becoming the main medium through which we experience the world. The idea that we can no longer avoid seeing the world through it is not very comfortable. And while we constantly need to verify information, trusted answers, and scrutinize images, our responsibility is to share better, use it better, and contribute better,“ she told FemaleOneZero in an email from Beirut.

Degrees and exhibitions:

She studied in London at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal Academy Schools before earning her Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London in 2012.

Aoun was Deutsche Bank’s “Artist of the Year 2018“ and had her first solo exhibition in Europe at the Maxxi in Rome in 2018.

For more information: caline-aoun.com