#Male Heroes

We asked our community about their #maleheroes. Over 70 names came up, and here’s our first selection. Guys, you rock!

Why is diversity important to you?

Diversity is the cornerstone of development in any country or society. Alienation of a gender not only deprives them of their basic rights but also prevents overall development of that society. It is important to look at diversity as a tool of empowerment of humanity and not just a particular gender.

As an elected #malehero, what is your advice for other men?

My advice to men will be to look at women’s rights as human rights and to not paint them as a gender battle. Empowerment of women will empower the fabric of society that we all need to survive and make this world into a sustainable place for our future generations. Encourage and promote women and end the mindset that only allows you to see them in specific roles of a wife, girlfriend, sister, and mother.