Female Entrepreneurs of the Future 2019: The Winners

Tada! We present you the four winners of Amazon’s Entrepreneurs of the Future (UdZ) program


Christiane Hübner

Company: Renna Deluxe

Winner of the category “Export”

For me, being accepted into the sponsorship program was like winning the lottery. With my mentor, Kathrin Wortmann, the chemistry fit right away. Her clear and structured approach is very valuable for me and my company. The rapid analysis of problems and the joint development of solution-oriented strategies is allowing me to achieve my major goal in realistic steps. In the first phase of the program, we laid the foundation for Renna Deluxe. With this secure, scalable, and plannable foundation, my company and the Renna Deluxe brand are now excellently positioned for expansion into international markets. 



Anette Haverkamp

Company: Emma Care

Winner of the category “Marketplaces” 

It was a great, but also exhausting, half year with a lot of input. My coach, Tobias Jaroschek, actively supported me in the conception and implementation of the action plan to make the company successful. Also the support of my contact person, Lara Burg at Amazon, was great. The program provided many impulses, such as how to increase awareness through storytelling on social media. Now it’s time to continue implementing my plan to market EMMA worldwide and conquer new marketplaces.



Susanne Richter

Sanni Shoo GmbH

Winner of the category “Branding”

I’m overjoyed to be among the winners. Not only have I expanded my network with a lot of great women, I’ve also learned and implemented a lot. It was also a hard time, though. A lot of change was concentrated in six months: I just turned 50, and a lot of things, including cooperation with influencers, were new territory for me until recently. But I believe that success is always associated with the willingness to move out of the comfort zone and openly approach new things. This is just the beginning – a new product (a parking lot for drinking bottles) is on the way and will be launched by mid-November


Anastasiya Koshcheeva

Company: MOYA Birch Bark

Winner of the category “From offline to online”

The time in the UdZ program was very intensive – but the work was definitely worth it. More than anything, interacting with the coaches and with the other female entrepreneurs was particularly valuable and brought me forward. Friendships and a network have developed, which I’m sure will continue to support us in the future. The UDZ program was only the first step on the way from offline to online. We are constantly expanding our online presence. The experience and knowledge I have gained have helped me to look at my own company with the necessary distance and to define the necessary milestones. Some of the planned measures were already implemented during the program, the rest will follow little by little. That’s the great thing about UdZ – it has created a basis for sustainable further development.

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