Female CTO Wanted: Let’s Revolutionize the Tourism Industry Together!

Das Projekt

Name: TribeGuide
Branche: tourism / social network / app
Standort: Remote
Phase: We have a business plan prepared and are currently working on community strategy to build a engaged user group.

The tourism industry is oversaturated with informations, websites and (fake) reviews without additional value (most places are rated at 4-5 stars with over 200 reviews no one reads). TribeGuide is an app based platform for personalized recommendations of places and activities in your surrounding. We match the reviewers’ interests with the searchers’ interests to increase trust and attachment to the recommendation.

Das Team

Name(n): Luisa Quirmbach (Sales/Marketing/Operations)
Über uns: I am currently enrolled in my Master Programme and want to extend my company TribeGuide to the next level.
Unser Stil: I am looking for someone passionate about Tourism and wants to improve the way we share and receive information. I am dedicated to work full time on this project and value innovation and effectiveness. I am an advocate to the 80:20 working method.
Unsere Werte: Sparring, Ehrlichkeit, Loyalität, Erfolg

Wir suchen

Position: Mitgründerin, Mentorin, Investorin
Zeitaufwand: Vollzeit

Aufgaben und Bereiche:

Building the prototype of the app, building and leading the tech and product team, research technical innovation which we can use for the platform, be a sparring partner for important decisions

Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen:

Mobile app development, Swift/Java/Flutter, cross platform coding, agile development

Was wir bieten: Anteile, Netzwerk

I am happy to connect with anyone who can help me in my search for a co-founder! If you have other ideas or want to work with me differently, please also don’t hesitate to talk to me, I am always open to chat 🙂


Ansprechpartnerin: Luisa Quirmbach
E-Mail: luisa@tribeguide.de
Telefon: 4917654528813