Katharina Paulick

1. What is the best advice ever received?

Mistakes can happen, we can get through this together. I want to generate enough self-confidence and trust in my team so that everyone feels supported.

2. What gets you out of bed every morning?

Usually I am excited to get through the next challenge with my team. Naturally, we always have milestones to reach, projects to fulfil, funding to acquire. I am lucky to work with so many skilled people. I also like creative coffee breaks.

3. What are your next milestones?

Our team is currently applying for a funding financing at epicenterbiotech.de – cluster in Berlin. This opportunity combines our skills in automation, ML-based process engineering and business model innovation.

4. What is your best analog moment?

I am not smoking, but I like to have small creative breaks during the day while I’m at work, preferably with a teammate, to think about our vision and to handle challenges. Additionally, I take pauses to look forward to the new scientific fields to discover. We can learn so many things from various disciplines: from automotive industry, human factors, sociology.