10 Ways Gen Z is Changing the Tech Industry

Gen Z’s, also known as the first digital natives, have grown up in a world of high technology and smart devices and hold great influence over the tech industry. Here are 10 ways Gen Z’s are making their impact

by Rachel Johnson | 05 Apr, 2023
Gen Z are changing tech

For Generation Z, the digital world is just as real as the "real" world. Young people live and breathe online and move intuitively in its ecosystems. That's why it's important to watch the young generation for new trends in the digital world. Because whatever they do today will be important tomorrow.

Jo Dietrich, Co-Founder of the Generation Z Agency ZEAM

1. They don’t follow “traditional device hierarchy”

A computer is no longer just for work and a tablet just for pleasure. Gen Z has more open ideas when it comes to where, when, and what devices should be used for. Compared to older generations, they are more willing to see new and different kinds of user experiences.

2. Higher expectations

Remember the days of dial up connection, fax machines, and mobile phones just for calling? If you are a Gen Z-er probably not. Having grown up with smart devices at their fingertips and having little idea of the tech that preceded such devices, they tend to have less tolerance for tech issues. The system is running too slowly or too glitchy? Gen Z’s will be the first to voice their complaints. In fact, 62% of Gen Z will stop using an app or website completely if it is too slow. This in return is pushing the tech industry to develop better, quicker, and simpler user experiences.

3. Multiple device ownership

Gen Z use their devices for everything from socializing, video calls, taking notes, playing games, and creating content. They also don’t limit themselves to just one device and are open to buying new products even when “old” products still work. According to one study, 66% of Gen Z use multiple devices at the same time. Since they tend to own more devices than other generations, this gives the market reason to keep inventing better and more innovative ones.

4. They love to device hop

Since they tend to own multiple devices, this means Gen Z also has no problem switching from one product to the next. As the UX trend magnifies with them, developers and product designers are further encouraged to create devices that work better together. For example, having a laptop and tablet working together like a computer and writing pad.

5. Content is cultural currency

Gen Z not only consumes but also creates content. They are more creative when it comes to content and, overall, have a more relaxed view on content creation. The process is no longer just reserved for corporates and influencers. For this reason, social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok appeal to Gen Z’s creative side.

6. Champions for individuality and personality

Gen Z wants not just more colors and material finish options, but the further personalization of their devices is a high priority for them so that they can stand out from the crowds. Afterall, it’s pretty easy to lose your phone among your friends when they all look the same.

7. Productivity as well as more versatility are key

While Gen Z still wants to be productive, versatility is also a key requirement for this generation. Devices that can switch between multi-modes depending on what needs to be done are a must for Gen Z.

8. High consumers

Gen Z spends a much higher percentage of their time on devices than previous generations. In fact, a 2021 study by Uswitch found that Gen Z-ers typically spend nine hours a day in front of a screen.

9. They are modern-day influencers

Gone are the days of traditional advertising. 85% of Gen Z finds out about and tries new products through social media. Gen Z’s social media presence and high consumption of content leads to companies striving to be more innovative and catch Gen Z’s influential eyes.

10. Innovation is embedded in them

It is now fairly normal to learn coding in schools, and, as a result, Gen Z’s are quite handy when it comes to creating their own apps and websites. They also have more innovative suggestions when it comes to adding new features to smart devices (e.g., a world facing camera on laptops.)

Video: How Generation Z Will Change the World According to Experts

There is no denying it; Gen Z has impacted the tech industry in a number of ways that will affect generations to come.  



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