InnoStage by CURAZE: Circular Economy – The Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Join us April 27th, 12:00 CEST for the premiere of our new virtual format INNOSTAGE by CURAZE. For our first session, we have invited Dr. Gordana Kierans, who is joining us live from Shenzhen, China

Once a month, we will bring international top experts to our INNOSTAGE. Following a short intro, we hand it over to you, the audience. You will have the opportunity to start a direct exchange with our guest for an hour.

For our first session, we invited Dr. Gordana Kierans, who is joining us live from Shenzhen,China. Her topic: Circular Economy - The Opportunities for Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Gordana Kierans is an author and TEDx Speaker. She has over 20 years of business experience at the interface between leading business schools and companies. During her career, she has worked with entrepreneurs, SMEs, multinationals, governments, and NGOs, in Germany and worldwide. She has also worked with top academics in the circular economy field, which motivated her to create a practical hands-on Udemy program with a focus on entrepreneurship that has inspired over 6,000 participants worldwide.

Dr. Kierans was born and raised in Croatia. She earned her PhD in Economics at the University of Kassel in 2007. She lived in Italy, Germany, and Belgium before coming to China, where she is a Professor of International Business at Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU). Today, she is also a Partner at MGT OPEN, a consulting firm. Most recently, she is the co-founder of EntrepreneurCircle.World, an upcoming membership platform for circular entrepreneurs and investors.

The session will be conducted in German or English depending on the audience.

Registration is free, but please note spaces are limited, so make sure to register soon!




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