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Touch Virtual is a leading platform of AR & VR Immersive Commerce based in Shanghai. It’s also one of the few in to reinvent the e-commerce purchase experience powered by AR & VR. The platform has enabled brands to seamlessly create a quick, easy and personalized virtual store to shop for products, with no need for an APP download or a headset, which fundamentally changes the way they engage with their customers.

Touch Virtual makes it possible for over thousands of brands and retailers to communicate with consumers in an immersive way in a shared virtual world from anywhere. It connects brands and consumers by enabling the vision of the metaverse to become a reality.

Blair Lee

Blair Lee, Founder & CEO

Blair is the Founder & CEO of Touch Virtual, a leading platform of AR & VR Immersive Commerce in China. Blair is also an experienced and passionate MarTech innovator, and was elected as the chairman of MarTech Committee of MMA China. In recent years, Blair actively promotes digital and metaverse transformation of interactive experience fueled by AR & VR.



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