Get Inspired Podcast – Anne Theiss

MyCollective presents Get Inspired, a podcast with wonderful guests interviewed by founder Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier. From board members to university professors, Ricarda’s guests offer thoughtful insight for career and personal inspiration. This episode's guest is Anne Theiss, Author and Speaker at Burda Media

Get Inspired Podcast – Anne Theiss

Anne Theiss's new novel, Die Abwertung der Mütter - Wie überholte Familienpolitik uns den Wohlstand kostet (The Devaluation of Mothers - How outdated family policies are costing us our prosperity) looks into the social pressure on women in Germany to be the number one parent and stay at home. A mother herself, Anne argues that this expectation comes as a huge cost, robbing companies of highly skilled labor and the country of a vital sector of its workforce. Check out the newest Get Inspired podcast and be inspired by Anne's three calls to action.



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