17 and a Half Questions with Dr. Gesa Miczaika

In collaboration with Generation CEO, we present you 17 and a half questions to inspiring female leaders. Up next: Dr. Gesa Miczaika, Auxxo General Partner, Co-Founder of Germany’s first all-female venture capitalist firm Female Catalyst Fund, and Board Member at German Startups Association. Although things don’t always go to plan, Gesa has never faced any defeats in her work life – she explains why

by Natascha Zeljko | 12 Oct, 2022
17 and a Half Questions with Dr. Gesa Miczaika

1.  What excites me about my job…

There are so many things that I find incredibly exciting about it. The thing that excites me the most is probably that as a venture capital investor I get to work on securing the future prosperity of our country.

2.  What frustrates me sometimes…

Very little so far. I think I've only felt frustration twice, and that was when we didn't get into good deals that we really wanted to help fund.

3.  My secret dream job

Maybe a spiritual healer 😊

4.  My top strategy for surviving a really bad day at the office

Regular meditation can work wonders.

5.  The moment I find I am in the flow

When I'm listening to myself, spending time in nature, and I can find undisturbed time to work.

6.  Biggest success so far

The step I took into self-employment over a year ago.

7.  My greatest defeat

There definitely hasn’t been one. After all, defeat implies that some sort of competition or argument was involved. Of course, I wrestle with myself from time to time, but that's called life.

8.  Worst buzzword

Connection problem. The last few years of online working have brought many such problems. Slowly we are getting a handle on this with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Teams, etc.

9.  The best reward after a hard week at work… 

Getting out in nature with my family.

10.  Home office or in-house?  

In the office – I miss my colleagues too much otherwise.

11. The most important quality a colleague/business partner can have?

Take care of yourself.

12. My creative hack

Taking input from others – for example my husband or children.

13. The first website I check in the morning

I meditate first thing in the morning and use Insight Timer for that. It’s not a website, but still an app.

14. My favorite digital tool 

Affinity – this is our most important work tool, as it records all our (potential) investments.

15. The book or series from which I have learned the most for my (work) life

The book The Choice by Edith Eger changed my life. Life doesn't happen to you, it’s in your own hands.

16. Which series, book, or podcast I would generally recommend...

My favorite book is The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischwili.

17. Most prominent follower on social media? 

I honestly don't know, but I have noticed that I am now followed by a few women from the Generation CEO network that I recently joined. I'm a big fan of this network because its mission is to improve women’s experiences as leaders on their way to top tier management.

17 and a half: What has always... 

... motivated me is a desire to leave behind a good world for my daughters.



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