Female Co-Founder wanted for #1 Product of the Day!

secondhand.dev is a private platform built for developers to buy and sell electronic devices

Position: Co-founder

Name of the foundation project: secondhand.dev

Founding team: Özgür Işıklı

Branch: E-Commerce

Location: Turkey

About the founding project: secondhand.dev is a private platform built for developers to buy and sell electronic devices. Anonymous users are not able to see the contact information. Instead, only the one who has an active GitHub account can see the seller's contact information. I am the developer who cares about trust in commerce, as much as everyone else. That's why we've built secondhand.dev with GitHub authentication. Without GitHub authentication, there is no way to see who is selling the items on the secondhand.dev. We are also using an algorithm that checks the activation of the GitHub account to filter the people who are not real developers.

Phase of the founding project: We launched the product on the Product Hunt, and we won the "#1 Product of the Day" award. We already have more than 2000 users. More than 1200 ads have been posted until now.

About the founding team: I am a software developer who is working for more than ten years. I want to create sustainable products.

About the work style: I want to work efficiently, quickly build new features, increase market share, and be the best place to share second-hand items between developers. On the other hand, I want to contribute to the green environment philosophy with second-hand sales.

Labor relation values: reliability, sparring, expertise, honesty

About the Position

Position: Co-founder


Time commitment: Part-time

Tasks and areas: Marketing

Skills and experience: Marketing, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, Teamwork, Sales (optional)

What we offer: Shares, network

Personal Message: As a developer, I feel alone to build a startup because even though I know how to build software, I struggle to manage a business. I am looking for a lifetime co-founder for all of my/or their startup ideas.


Özgür Işıklı | i.ozguradem@gmail.com | +905546322693






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