WomenTech Network: Creating Diverse Working Environment

Bringing more women into tech – gender diversity is still a big topic and companies continue their struggle to reach equality in this field. With WomenTech Network Anna Radulovski aims to make a change

You started WomenTech Network – what is it about (in max. 5 sentences)?

I started WomenTech Network (while being 5 months pregnant) together with my husband, who is also my business partner. It is a global community that promotes gender diversity in tech and connects talented and skilled professionals with leading companies and fast-growing startups that value and support diversity and inclusion and strive to create a culture of belonging. We organize after-work invite-only events with inspirational and motivational diversity talks, carried out by women in tech, speed meetings and networking.

We came up with this idea after working for 2 years at our Coding Girls Foundation across the world, inspiring girls and women to start technology-related careers. Many of our community members and companies were frequently asking us to connect them with suitable opportunities. WomenTech Network is our answer.

What are the biggest challenges regarding bringing more women to the tech industry?

  • Stereotypes and biases that are priming girls from an early age to pursue more “female” jobs such as being a teacher, nurse, marketing specialist, etc.
  • Lack of female role models in tech and leadership
  • Lack of mentors, training and limited access to opportunities

As a result, women are often not sure whether they can truly belong or they struggle to realize their potential in tech. It is a challenge to empower women at the stage when they start working in tech, when they feel like they want to change their career and go into tech field or when they feel they are stuck in an underpaid and undervalued position.

Are there currently any companies that are role models in this field? 

WomenTech Network partner companies all over the world and in Munich strive to increase the number of women in tech specialists and diversify their workforce. If I have to name one, certainly it would be Apple, as they managed to stay on top of the World’s Most Admired Companies for 13 consecutive years, showcasing an excellent corporate reputation while driving Diversity & Inclusion. Apple has proven that living their commitment and integrating D&I into their talent and business practices deliver results in the long run.

A statement regarding the current situation (too few women in tech) that you’re tired of?

Lots of empty talks about diversity and inclusion and not enough actions to change the situation. Many people think that girls aren’t just interested in tech and that’s why they don’t go into tech.


Women Tech Network Munich Event Cover

WomenTech Network Event

On the 26th of February, WomenTech Network launches its first event in Munich. The aim is to connect leading companies and fast-growing startups that put diversity at the top of their agendas with female engineers, data scientists, UX designers, product managers and other tech talents. Want to join? More information here.

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