Turning Passion into Career – 5 Questions To Mia Papo

We asked 5 Questions to Mia Papo, business coach, speaker and podcast host – helping others to reach their full potential and build a successful professional life

Mia Papo is an expert career-coach, helping others to fulfil their professional goals. She inspires people to go their own way and use turn their passions into a dream job. She shares with us five things about her work, entrepreneurial skills and how to start your own podcast!

What are the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur?

The challenge, but also the biggest blessing, is that as an entrepreneur, you have to keep growing and questioning your limits and beliefs. Your business is only able to grow as much as you are able to envision it.

The most important skills a business coach must have?

I have worked with teams on their digital transformation mind-set, as well as with newly elected CFOs, establishing their vision for their first 180 days in their position. No matter the constellation nor the topic, I found these 4 skills to be essential for a business coach:

  1. Being an excellent listener
  2. The ability to think fast and develop context for the client (use pictures and make it easy to understand)
  3. Strong communication skills, expressing what they observe, think or feel in a way everyone can relate
  4. Breaking complicated things down with questions, so that their clients are enabled to structure their problems, get more clarity and insights into their problem-solving path

Key piece of advice when starting your own podcast?

Have a strategy. Get clear on the value you serve with your podcast. Here are some questions you can think about, if you plan on starting a podcast:

  1. What problems or issues are you solving?
  2. Who is your ideal listener?
  3. What do you plan on achieving with the podcast: is it marketing for your product? Do you want the Podcast to be sponsored? Or is it just for fun?
  4. In what frequency do you plan on publishing your podcast? (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.)
  5. Before launching, prepare at least 3 episodes upfront!

It took me over a year after I bought my microphone to finally find the courage to start the DREAM | DO | LIVE Podcast. So: Be gentle to yourself. Inspiration and courage will come.

What or who inspired you to start your business? 

I have always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. I have tried a lot of things and I’m still open to new opportunities! First I wanted to sell business clothes for petite women, then I tried starting an app, that would enable cooks to sell their self-made food to business travellers.

I would still love to do something craftier and sell my own jewellery collection online. We’ll see what the future brings!

We’re living in tough times; which tools help us in the crisis and difficult situations?

Sometimes a reality check is more healing than unconsidered panic. Having a plan, even if some variables are uncertain, will give you peace of mind to be able to get a break and breathe for a moment. Check your finances, make a plan and get informed about your possibilities of getting help from the government. Check your product portfolio, connect with others, search for solutions – you are not alone in this. Start shifting, ask yourself: ‘How can this work for me?’. Practice self-care and have a routine!


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