Frequent Traveller: Zoe Nogai

Nine questions for frequent traveller Zoe Nogai, Business Manager Sales & Solution Center, Telekom about life on the road

1. How many kilometres do you travel (estimated per year)?


2. How many nights per year in hotel beds?

About 80

3.  Your radius (Germany/Europe/Worldwide)

Primarily Germany

4. What do you do on a long train trip/flight?

I like to write on the ICE. The results can be found either on the Intranet or on LinkedIn. I also listen to music or podcasts. For several months now, I have not been flying for business at all. Since I am only travelling within Germany for the job, this was a long overdue step. In addition, one gains some work time.

5. Favorite train station/airport?

Munich. I’m either almost home or starting out on a new adventure.

6. What do you do if you can’t sleep in a hotel?

I go on a walk through the hotel, if possible on the roof/with a view of the city. Otherwise, there are good playlists on Spotify to fall asleep.

7. Your most effective travel hack?

Super economy price 1st class! It’s only for trips that can be planned a few days in advance. But in this way, the otherwise unpleasantness of train travel becomes an elective workplace – with peace and quiet, WLAN, comfortable and secure seating, and also with nice service.

8. Funniest anecdote?

I take advantage of the mobile workplace for private visits. Because I’m on the train so often and you never know where I am at the moment, I often get messages from friends asking if I happen to be in X or Y. I’ve had spontaneous stopovers in Bonn, Frankfurt, or Berlin. These possibilities only arose a few months ago when I switched from the plane to the train. My lifestyle has changed enormously as a result and I love this flexibility and spatial freedom.

9. …and your pet peeve?

Barefeet on the seat! Unfortunately, people with particularly unsightly specimens do this a lot. Recently some guy lying opposite me pushed his feet into the head part. Not acceptable.

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