Frequent Traveller: Tijen Onaran

Nine questions for frequent traveller Tijen Onaran, CEO of Global Digital Women and co-founder of FemaleOneZero, about life on the road

1.  How many kilometres do you travel (estimated per year)?


2.  How many nights per year in hotel beds?


3.  Your radius (Germany/Europe/worldwide):


4.  What do you do during a long train ride/flight?

Longer distances are absolute creativity boosters for me. In this time I can finally read articles I have saved, listen to my favorite podcast Super Soul Conversations by Oprah Winfrey and get new ideas for my own articles, formats, or activities.

5.  Favorite train station/airport?

My favorite airport is Zurich. Favorite station is Berlin, but not because it is so beautiful, but because then I know I’m almost home.

6.  What do you do when you can’t sleep in a hotel?

Switch on the good old analogue television and find out that sleep is the better option ?.

7.  Your most effective travel hack?

I have a transparent travel cosmetic bag always packed which is never touched at home and is always reserved for travelling.

8.  Funniest anecdote?

Someone on the train tweeted wondering if I it was really me and then I had a very entertaining train ride.

9.  …and your pet peeve?

When people push their way through or take off their shoes on the train/plane and occupy a seat with bare feet.

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