Frequent Traveller: Ece Sen

Nine questions for Ece Sen, passionate sociologist and globalist, about life on the road

1. How many kilometres do you travel (estimated per year)?


2. How many nights per year in hotel beds?

I’m lucky to have a lot of friends with additional available rooms – so only about 25.

3.  Your radius (Germany/Europe/Worldwide)


4. What do you do on a long train trip/flight?

Read books, work on my current tasks, listen to socio-political podcasts and, if the trip is long enough, I usually try to nap.

5. Favorite train station/airport?

Favorite train station: Grand Central, NYC.

The one that fills me with excitement every time: Berlin.

Favorite airport: Istanbul.

6. What do you do if you can’t sleep in a hotel?

I usually have my favorite pillow spray/candle with me. I put on a sleeping mask and some classical music and I’m out.

7. Your most effective travel hack?

Always have a big scarf and sanitizer with you.

8. Funniest anecdote?

Having only twenty minutes left for departure at London Stansted, I tried rushing through security without having checked my luggage in, ran back to the check-in and totally cut the line, then back to security to convince them my boarding pass was valid and I hadn’t stolen it, took the fast lane track without paying for it and almost broke my iPhone just to look at the flight information display and read that my flight had been delayed two hours.

9. …and your pet peeve?

I instantly feel sick if someone sneezes or coughs.

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