Financial Shero of the Week

10 questions for Swetlana Ewald, executive customer management comdirect bank AG

1.  What did you buy with your first self-earned money?

A bouquet of flowers for my grandmother. She was always my biggest fan and taught me to believe in myself.

2.  What tools do you use to organize your finances?

With my finances, I’m a list fan. I like to use my bank’s export function in the online area for my own planning & administration.

3.  Do you own stocks or funds?

It’s varied, but currently only funds.

4.  If we gave you 1000 Euros, what would you do with the money?

A short trip to the sea and the rest would go into savings.

5.  What is worth spending (a lot of) money on?

For time with the people who bring you joy and are close to your heart. The memories you experience together are priceless.

6.  Have you ever forgotten your PIN?

Yes, especially on my last holiday, after I hadn’t used the card for two weeks.

7.  How do you pay: card or digital?

Mostly by card.

8.  Last major purchase?

A new MacBook.

9.  The last time you managed to resist the impulse to buy – and what was it?

Two weeks ago, it was a new dress. It was so beautiful, but I already own sooo many beautiful dresses 🙂

10.  What is priceless?

Freedom, health, and time.