Financial Shero of the Week

10 questions for Katharina Bremer, senior communications officer at comdirect bank AG and co-founder of the initiative Finanz-Heldinnen

1.  What did you buy with your first self-earned money?

I bought a watch from my first full salary after training.

2.  What tools do you use to organize your finances?

I mainly use my banking app. I can transfer money and check income and expenses on-the-go and I love it.

3.  Do you own stocks or funds?

Funds. It’s an index fund, an ETF (Exchange Traded Funds).

4.  If we gave you 1000 Euros, what would you do with the money?

Invest it in more sports equipment and put a part in my nest egg.

5.  What is worth spending (a lot of) money on?

For your own independence. Behind it is, of course, the topic of saving, but that fortunately works also with small amounts.

6.  Have you ever forgotten your PIN?

Unfortunately yes.

7.  How do you pay: card or digital?

That differs. Sometimes this, sometimes that.

8.  Last major purchase?

My car.

9.  The last time you managed to resist the impulse to buy – and what was it?

Almost the whole last month I was able to resist because I had set myself a spending freeze. I like to do something like that before I want to buy something bigger.

10.  What is priceless?

To be happy and content.