Feminist Gift Guide

Christmas is just around a corner and the shopping craze has already started. If you are dreading the thought of spending hours in shopping malls– well, dread no more. Here are our Christmas presents recommendations, which will satisfy every feminist!

YOGA SET - Feminist Gift Guide

Yoga Set

There is no better time than Christmas to start thinking about new year’s resolutions. Most of us want to take a better care of ourselves; our minds and our bodies. Why not combine the two? The answer is yoga! While trying to reach Zen, why not look great as well as feel comfortable? The Wearness is a marketplace, which sells sustainable, ethical and vegan fashion and beauty products. Their yoga sets are made from organic and environmentally friendly materials. Whether you know a yogi-master or someone who is just thinking of starting their adventure with yoga, why not getting them something this Christmas, which will benefit not just them but the planet as well. We have exclusive offer for our readers: use the code F10_X_THEWEARNESS for 15% off for all products until the 20th of December! Our favourite picks are the bold leopard-print yoga set and one-of-a-kind natural cork yoga mat, which will make downward dog a bit more pleasant, as you will be staring at this beauty.

Florence Given Prints Feminist Gift Guide


Interior decoration, especially art, is usually a great idea for a present, but a women-power art is THE best gift idea. There is nothing better than a motivational quote on the wall, which is not cheesy, but rather empowering. Our favourite feminist artist and activist, Florence Given, has exactly what is missing from your walls. She designs amazing and unique art, which doesn’t just look pretty, but it will literally make you feel good. There is nothing better than seeing a confirmation of your validity and value first thing in the morning or after coming back home after long day of work. The truth is, we all need Given’s art all over our walls. Our favourite quotes are “I Am The Love Of My Own Life” and “Protect Your Energy”. Amen sister! Holiday spirit for this year is to love yourself and not waste your time on people who are not worth it.

BATH BOMBS Lush Feminist Gift Guide

Bath Bombs

You would think that buying feminist gifts is fairly easy, but what is actually useful? Fighting patriarchy requires a great amount of energy and is exhausting. It’s crucial to find the time to unwind and regain strength to advocate equality. Solution: home spa. Only environmental-friendly and vegan of course. It’s almost 2020 everyone, eating meat and buying plastic is completely passé. Let’s jump on the ecological wagon and support brands, who support environmentally-friendly solutions. Lush is the perfect example of a company, which follows current eco-fashion and that’s the kind of trend we want to follow. They offer a huge variety of products, smells, consistencies – from face masks, showers gels, to makeup and perfume. Our recommendation: bath bombs. Who doesn’t love to soak in a beautifully smelling, colourful and relaxing bath?

Beauty Feminist Gift Guide

Organic Make-Up

Once you’ve done your yoga, reassured yourself with the empowering quotes hanging on your wall and zoned off to another world in a relaxing bath, it’s time to get ready for the day. Make-up is not necessary at all, however, a lot of us like to wear it, whether it’s for a special occasion or on everyday basis. Either way, if you know someone who does like to put it on or wants to start their adventure with make-up, why not get them something that’s not only beautiful, but also unique and special. Dab Herb Makeup is an organic, fully vegan make-up brand, which uses certified bio ingredients and plant pigments. All of the products are handmade and, last but not least, the packaging is simply beautiful. As we couldn’t decide on the best product, we recommend a set, which includes translucent powder, liquid eyeliner, mascara, lip stain and petal blush and you also get a cotton bag to put all the goodies in.

JEWELLERY Feminist Gift Guide


Updated “Santa Baby” feminist lyrics state, that girl’s best friends are no longer diamonds but equal pay. As true as this is, jewellery is still a pretty good Christmas gift. Perhaps let’s skip the expensive stones and rather focus on something unique and one of a kind. We found an online store that provides just that and more. The White Label Project empowers crafters and designers from developing countries. They offer products that are made by women or youth and they work with underprivileged and marginalized groups and communities. Their products are not only stunning, but they help others to get a better life. That’s the kind of jewellery you can wear proudly. Also, continuing with the environmental-friendly spirit this Christmas, White Label Project thought of everyone, including our Mother Earth and they only offer carbon-free shipping.

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