Female Founders Wanted

There are too few women everywhere – in the management of corporations, in politics, at universities. And, of course, among founders, which is not breaking news. If you ask why women seem to lack this gene, it gets complicated. There’s a lack of role models, lack of willingness to take risks, and poorer access to venture capital. All these factors are interdependent and overlap. And, making it even more complicated, it’s all true and false at the same time. It’s a bit like Schrödinger’s cat. Namely, paradoxical.

What really surprised me about this situation is that in the last few weeks I have had several conversations with men who would like to co-found with a woman for good reasons (more about that right away) – but can’t find one. Admittedly, there were only three conversations, perhaps not representative in the empirical sense, but still irritating. What’s the saying? “One is chance, two is a coincidence, three is a trend.” 

It thwarts and undermines the common explanatory patterns of the confidence gap on the one side and structural disadvantage on the other. We know that women have less access to venture capital. Of course, most VCs are men, and apparently the Thomas theorem of the AllBright Foundation also applies in this respect. New female founders are easily perceived as “naive” and “inexperienced”; male founders are given attributes such as “courageous” and “promising”. 

Having a male co-founder at their side, i.e. a mixed team, is much more likely to obtain venture capital than a purely female team. The motivation of men to recruit female co-founders, on the other hand, is obvious: it’s imperative to get a female perspective for those who want to penetrate the market with their products or services. A convincing argument for mixed teams. But there is also a profit-based one: when women form startups, they are more successful. For every one dollar of venture capital, they generate 78 cents profit; men 31 cents. So why not join forces? How smart would it be to combine both talents and skills?

This brings us back to the question: what prevents women from becoming co-founders? Do we need an official event format? Man Seeks Co-Founder? I would really like to become active. Whoever feels addressed now: write me at editor@femaleonezero.com. I can also connect you directly to a great fintech founder.


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