Female Entrepreneurs of the Future: Zainab Shah, the Snack Queen

Amazon’s "Female Entrepreneurs of the Future" program is running full speed. We talked to three candidates about what they’ve learned and where they see themselves in one year. This week is Zainab Shah, the founder of Snack-Baron

What is your business model in a few sentences?

We try to provide offices good, healthy snacks – such as vegan, paleo or high protein – that are oriented to the needs and eating habits of modern employees. One example would be millennials now entering the world of work. They have new demands. And we meet these demands. This doesn’t necessarily have to be organic or vegan, but we make sure that the products are produced naturally. For example, chickpeas with a little taste or bars made from seeds or dried fruit and nuts.

What are the key things you’ve learned?

I’m really grateful to be part of this program, otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet so many great people! It’s a great opportunity to be coached and taught by people who are already successful. This is a great incentive. It motivates me to become better and to get the most out of myself. An important insight for me was that all this doesn’t happen overnight; to be patient, to consistently go one step at a time, and to understand that everyone who is successful today also has had hard times behind them. That you have to fight your way through difficult phases and still stay with it with passion and not give up. All this has given me the enormous impetus. There is a lot of psychology behind it. There are many companies that fail in the first few years because they don’t have the stamina and believe that success has to come very quickly, but that takes an average of five years. One must have and build-up time, passion and knowledge then comes the success. Our coaches have gone through this process. We learn from their mistakes, which can save a lot of money and shorten things. We’ve been lucky!

What are you implementing immediately?

There are already many overarching things that I am going to tackle again. But what I will change concretely is to focus more. With my coach I’ve analyzed that I do many parts of the business well – I have B-to-B and B-to-C, as well as gifts and vending machines. It’s endless. Now we focus on office snack boxes. Better than doing many things well is doing one thing very well.

Where do you see yourself in a year?

The demand is already increasing, not least because we have received a lot of attention from the media. I’m trying to professionalize my project. We are creating a new website and optimizing the entire logistics process: product storage, packaging, shipping, returns. If this is optimized, we are in the process of doing so, the marketing measures will bring more sales and we plan to hire people. My long-term plan is to build a female business. I want to work with women and especially mothers. I myself also have a child and a migrant background. I think we have to support these women as much as we can by getting them into jobs.

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