Desk-Talk: Brianne Grant

We’re curious where you work and what your workplace looks like. So we’ve asked readers to show us their desk and reveal a few secrets. Here’s a look at Brianne Grant’s workspace in Orange County, California

Brianne Grant

Brianne Grant is a mom of two little girls and a work-from-home entrepreneur. Her tech company, Paranoid Mama, was born out of a need she discovered as a new mom. As part of a mommy group, she heard the worries, shared paranoias, and humorous happenings of life with kids. She saw the reckless abandon and zero self-preservation skills that the children had. She saw them bulldoze through child safety precautions and discovered their collections of outlet covers. Thus she created Paranoid Mama, a video-guided first aid app for the parents and caregivers of infants and children. It’s designed to give users easy step-by step visual instructions to help them save their infant or child’s life in an emergency situation while waiting for help to arrive. The Paranoid Mama app features videos on choking, CPR, seizures, deep cut management and more, providing users with easy-to-access, emergency information that is just a click away. 

Desk Talk with Brianne Grant, Founder of Paranoid Mama
The Workspace of Brianne Grant, Founder of „Paranoid Mama“

1.  Home office or company space?

Home office.

2.  Where did you get your desk from?

I discovered it in my husband’s pile of “items to donate” and immediately re-acquired it! Sure it’s a bit masculine but it has a glass top which is perfect for my usual collection of daily drinks (water, coffee, tea, lemon sparkling water) while not having to worry about ring stains.

3.  Is your desk generally organized or messy?

Generally pretty organized except for a plethora of note cards & post-it notes. I’m the Post-It Note Princess or possibly Slave to the Note Cards, depending on how you look at it.

4.  What is your favorite thing on your desk?

Aside from my laptop, which basically holds my livelihood within it, I’d have to say my pin board. I’m a very visual person and many ideas and to-do lists will be lost and forgotten if they only reside digitally. 

5.  For how many hours a day are you at your desk?

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9-4 (AKA my kids’ preschool schedule).

6.  Do you eat at your desk or is it unimaginable for you?

I don’t eat at my desk primarily out of laziness. My office is upstairs, which would require carrying all items haphazardly up the stairs, only to then carry them all back down shortly thereafter. So, like most adults… I eat standing at the kitchen counter. 

7.  What did you hide from your desk when you snapped the picture for us?

My cat and a handful of additional post-it notes. I’m not sure what she loves more, my attention that doesn’t include grabby little toddler hands, the sunny workspace, or the heat of my laptop that she’s always trying to sit on. 

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