Desk Talk: Petra Harms

We’re curious where you work and what your workplace looks like. So we’ve asked readers to show us their desk and reveal a few secrets. Here’s a look at Petra Harms' workplace at myself magazine, Munich

Desk Talk: Petra Harms, Director Travel Living Food at myself magazine
Petra Harms

Petra Harms began her career in Hamburg at the largest German daily newspaper. She worked for all major German women’s magazines, including Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Instyle. Petra is an all-round talent and a universal expert. Beauty and lifestyle? She masters them with her left hand. Her passions? Food, travel and interior.

For the magazine myself she is responsible for these dream departments as editoral director. That she has a chic desk and a very elegant mood board is not surprising. If you need even more inspiration, take a look at one of her home books, for example “Wohnideen aus dem Wahren Leben – Best of Interior Blogs” published by Callwey.

Petra is a relentless cyclist who bikes to the office even in snow and rain. She plays tennis, loves rosé wine, and Greece (although the rosé doesn’t necessarily have to come from Greece) and runs a digital travel agency. Her bookmarks contain the most beautiful hotels and holiday homes in the world.


Desk Talk: Petra Harms, myself magazine, Munich


1.  Home office or company space?

Company space.

2.  Where did you get your desk from?

I fear this very plain version of a desk was ordered in an office furniture wholesale store during salesweek. It’s definitely not my definition of design.

3.  Is your desk generally organized or messy?

Tending to be a bit of a nit-pick, my desk always looks organized. At least on the surface. We don’t want to talk about that pile on the far left with magazines, articles ripped out of newspapers, catalogues, and not to mention travel expenses (envision the leaning tower of Pisa as paper-artwork…)

4.  What is your favorite thing on your desk?

The very analog planner from Bethge with gilt edging. And the pencil holder looking like a run-over cat on Ambien, a gift from my super-sweet colleague, Yvi.

5.  How many hours a day are you at your desk?

According to the contract it’s eight hours. Subtract the hours gone apartment hunting (2 rooms, balcony, Munich – anyone?!?) or the random occasions of fancy business lunches.

6.  Do you eat at your desk or is it unimaginable for you?

Being a food editor, snacking is considered work. If you talk eating proper meals at the desk, the answer is no. We have a large office kitchen for that and the lunches there – especially on “fish Friday” with, well, fish and Rosé – are exceptionally nice to attend. 

7.  What did you hide from your desk when you snapped the picture for us?

No photoshop, no hiding, cross my heart. It’s just a question of the right angle (Pisa is there…).

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