Desk Talk: Caroline Bräuninger

We’re curious where you work and what your workplace looks like. So we’ve asked readers to show us their desk and reveal a few secrets. Here’s a look at Carolina Braeuninger's workplace at her home in Karlsruhe, where she works on her podcast "Girl in Sales"

Carolina Bräuninger
Carolina Bräuninger

Carolina Bräuninger is a trainee in a young software company called Echobot Media Technologies, located in Karlsruhe, Germany. After studying international management and communication and media management, she decided to start all over and do an apprenticeship in sales and marketing. She loves what she does, only does it with passion, or leaves it. Why? Because you can only do a great job when you love what you do. 

Her passion extends to her podcast, “Girl in Sales”, which launched only a few weeks ago. In it she helps young women to improve their selling ability and to still their fears about starting a job in a sales department. 

When she’s not at school, in the office, or working on new podcast episodes, she loves spending time with friends. Due to Karlsruhe being the technological capital of Germany and the fact that Carolina worked for a startup incubator supporting young founders, she happens to have a few friends also in the startup scene and loves to catch up with them to support and offer them a helping hand.

Desk Talk: Carolina Bräuninger, "Girl in Sales" podcast
Desk Talk: Carolina Bräuninger, “Girl in Sales” podcast

1.  Home office or company space?

I really love my home office, but working there I can’t chat with my colleagues, so I think I prefer the company space. 

2.  Where did you get your desk from?

I got my desk from a good friend and he got it from IKEA a few years ago. I love the fact that I can put literally everything I need into the cupboards above and don’t have to worry that anyone will see the chaos that explodes in there now and then. 

3.  Is your desk generally organized or messy?

I’m a very tidy and organized person. Everything on my desk has its certain place. That helps me to work more focused and to operate against my To-Do-List more successfully. 

4.  What is your favorite thing on your desk?

It’s my “busy & important” name plate. It was a little gift I got for myself half a year ago in a small boutique. I always look at it when I’m struggling with tasks and realize that I’m far more than busy and important. It helps me to achieve my goals. And I love it because it’s gold.

5.  How many hours a day are you at your desk?

I think about three to four hours a day, as I can’t work remotely from my main place of work.

6.  Do you eat at your desk or is it unimaginable for you?

That depends on the situation I’m in. Usually I don’t eat at my table because I know it’ll be messy afterwards and you don’t want to clean up tomato sauce from a white table… But when I’m between exams and don’t have that much time to spare for a “settled meal”, I definitely eat at this table. Everything except meals including tomatoes. 

7.  What did you hide from your desk when you snapped the picture for us? 

A very old puncher my parents gave me when I moved out three years ago. It is possible that it’s even older than me to be honest…  


Desk Talk: Carolina Bräuninger, "Girl in Sales" podcast
Desk Talk: Carolina Bräuninger, “Girl in Sales” podcast



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