AI & Robot – the Podcast: Asumpta Lattus Talks to Sophia

We are living in a world where the term “artificial intelligence” has gathered a lot of hype. To some of us artificial intelligence means hope and to some it is a nightmare. Everyone is talking about it and using it but only a few know when intelligence becomes artificial. Many of us don’t know what to believe and to hope for. Just like the day I was told that my request to talk to Sophia the robot had been accepted – I nearly peed my pants in anticipation! Would Sophia say hello to me? Would she recognize me from my online posts? How much of her is a robot and how much is human? Is it even safe to be near her? All these questions were in my head, but I’d forgotten one important thing: artificial intelligence is just a man-made tool. “Artificial intelligence is a tool just like a knife that could save a life if used in a surgery, but also could take life,” said Karen Palmer, a film maker who uses artificial intelligence in making movies, at the recently closed Global Media Forum Panel. Sophia the robot was also at the event and I had an opportunity to have a one-on-one with her. She/it is a Hanson Robotics human-like robot created to explore the human robot experience. If connected to the internet she can operate in fully autonomous mode and if not, a human first has to type the question in and according to the data she is fed in her program she will either have an answer or not. Sophia has traveled to many countries and recently became a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Why is she given a female name and what does she think about the future of AI and women working in the sector? Here is the full interview with her, after a shorter version was broadcast by DW English for Africa.

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