A Day in the Life: Zhanna Perez

Every week we ask a different person to give us a brief overview of their schedule. This week it is Zhanna Perez, founder and CEO of drumnote media and co-founder of drumnote productions

Zhanna Perez was born and raised in Belarus, where she studied languages and literature. She came to Germany at the age of 21 and gained experience in several professional areas, mostly in sales.

After studying International Management in Düsseldorf, she then moved to Augsburg where she co-founded a music production & sound design school with her husband. Together, they developed a unique and progressive method of music learning.

Her passion for education, creativity, innovation and music turned into a new start-up – in 2019 she founded drumnote media. Her mission is to make creating music possible for everyone, regardless of the age, gender or social and cultural background. With drumnote media she brings creative teambuilding events to companies. Under the slogan “make your music” teams with no previous music experience can play digital instruments together, communicate through sounds, build their own team song and connect on a creative level.

She loves meeting new people and regularly attends networking events, mostly in Augsburg and Munich. She is also a passionate photographer and spends a lot of time taking pictures of architecture, various events and her family. Here is her schedule!

08:00– 08:30
Wake up, take a shower, breakfast

08:30– 10:30
Playing with my little son (non-digital toys only) 🙂

10:30 – 10:45
Driving to the studio

10:45 – 12:00
Calling clients, prospects and partners, answering emails

12:00 – 12:30

12:30 – 14:00
Meeting potential clients

14:30– 16:00
Teaching digital music at a school project

16:00– 17:00
 Picking up my son from day care / babysitter

17:00– 18:30
 Family time

18:30– 21:30
 Going to a networking event

21:30– 22:00

22:00– 01:45
 Discussing plans with my husband, writing emails, planning using Trello, optimising offers, writing follow-ups

01:45– 02:00
 Working out with Blackroll

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