A Day in the Life: Natalie Pilling

Regularly we ask another person to have a look at their schedule. This time: Natalie Pilling, the CEO of El Passion and a co-founder of 'dare IT'

Natalie Pilling is the CEO of EL Passion, a digital product house based in Warsaw, where she manages a team of over 75 professionals, who design and develop digital products for fast moving companies. Her goal is to eliminate gender inequality and imbalance in tech industry. She co-founded ‘dare IT’, a platform which supports women who want to switch their careers to IT. The Italian-German loves to travel and she speaks seven languages, four of them fluently.

 Wake-up, tumble into my sports clothes and head to the gym

Work out on the treadmill while listening to my new audiobook (The Moment of Lift)

Arrive at work, make first cup of green tea and review my Asana board for the day

Check emails and slack messages, prioritize and answer by urgency

Deep work session (email, slack and phone muted): work on commercial growth strategy for next 12 months

First meeting: BD&Marketing team’s weekly kick-off, discuss pipeline and client feedback

Catch up on small organisational tasks, review monthly P&L, approve commercial proposal, review resume of BDR candidate

Second meeting: demo and discussion of our new website designs

Third meeting: weekly alignment meeting with CTO and COO

Prepare proposal for key client for a new mobile app project

Answer new round of emails and slack messages, close the day by reviewing my Asana board and planning tasks for the next day

Commute home by bus, listen to the audiobook and use the time to slow down my mind

Prepare a yummy salad, discuss the day and any news with my boyfriend

 Work on the next issue of the ‘dareIT’ newsletter

 Prepare Huel protein shake, vitamins and gym stuff for next day, and get ready for to bed

 Read a book or sneak in an episode of Grace & Frankie

 Lights are out to get full 7.5 hours of sleep

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