A Day in the Life: Dr.Laura Seifert

Every week we ask a different person to give us a brief overview of their schedule. This week it is Dr.Laura Seifert, co-founder and CFO at WeSpace

Dr.Laura Seifert is the co-founder & CFO at WeSpace. The former investment banker at J.P. Morgan (where she advised firms on mergers and acquisitions) obtained her PhD in corporate finance at the University of St. Gallen and conducted research at Columbia Business School in New York City. She also gained work experience with Deutsche Bank, KPMG, and in venture capital.
Dr Seifert is committed to developing and shaping initiatives that support equality and the advancement of women in society. She has been invited to speak about her expertise in the field of corporate finance and her experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, and advancing women.


 Wake up, quickly check my phone for emails and texts.

 Walk to the train station by the lake, ride the train, check my emails and social media. Pick up some croissants and fruit on the way for the member breakfast this morning.

 Arrive at the beautiful and sunny WeSpace and get myself a fresh home-made coffee. Set up the member breakfast on our beautiful terrace overlooking Bahnhofstrasse.

 First members arrive for the breakfast. Talk to members to hear what they are up to. Take some photos of the new members for our member wall.

 Sort my Trello tasks for the day, answer emails.

Management meeting with my co-founder, Estefania, to discuss strategic topics and the next steps for our expansion.

 Lunch meeting with Estefania and a potential partner in the old town of Zurich, discussing ways to collaborate. Go back to the space excited and with a long follow-up list.

 Give a tour to a young entrepreneur that is interested in joining our community – I am intrigued by her story and ambitions. Get some amazing feedback about the work we are doing at WeSpace.

Welcome guests for booking of our meeting room for a breakout session.

 Make some calls to banks, lawyers, and brokers. More emails.

 Coffee break on our beautiful terrace enjoying the views.

 Some accounting, invoicing, admin, preparing offers, reviewing legal documents.

 Host an event of our partner, St. Gallen University, and their program Women Back to Business. The panel tonight on the topic of Voices of Experience “Women’s Perspectives on Leadership and Career Growth” is showcasing untypical careers.

 Apero and networking with the wonderful and inspiring women in our community.

 Arrive home to my husband. Have herbal tea, reflecting on our day. Go through the schedule for tomorrow and jump into bed.