CURAZED BY Katharina Gehra — Blockchain Has Power

Katharina Gehra is considered one of the most important German voices in the new financial world. The founder of the consultancy Immutable Insight, she advises companies and government officials on blockchain technology. She explains why blockchain has the potential to revolutionize society

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Katharina Gehra on...

…Environmental and Social Governance (ESG):

Blockchain could promote transparency, and a traceability which can’t always be manipulated by people. For example, in countries where there are fragile or unstable institutions, people turn to these technologies to protect their private property, or to be able to conclude contracts in a reliable way.

… Cryptocurrency and Token Economy:

Cryptocurrency makes Token Economy possible. In my opinion, there is not a single industry which will not be affected by it. Token is like the email: in the past, email replaced normal post. Token will completely revolutionize contracts and business trade.

… Blockchain usage in the world:

Other economic regions have positioned themselves much earlier, much more aggressively and a little bit more strategically; they have been driving this topic to the forefront for many years. In China, Blockchain is a lived reality, with digital wallets integrated in people’s smartphones. In developing countries, there are many, many people who use it every day.

… Blockchain and the pandemic

If we’d had more reliable data available, and faster, we would have handled the pandemic a lot better. Blockchain-based data gives everyone this option. There is too much insecurity involved, too much potential for data loss or a worse quality of data.

… Data protection:

There is no such thing as data protection. You cannot own your data: technically speaking, that’s rubbish. Considering how many compromises we make as a society, I also ask myself if there were better ways to use anonymized data to protect all of our lives and organize our society better.

Katharina Gehra is considered one of most important German voices in the new financial world. In 2018, she founded the blockchain startup Immutable Insight, where she advises companies on blockchain projects and launches financial products. She regularly intervenes as an expert advisor to members of the Bundestag on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Katharina Gehra is currently part of the advisory board Fürstliche Castell'schen Bank, Credit Casse AG. Katherina is also a CURAZE Mentor, acting as a sparring partner and providing expert insight.  



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