CURAZED BY Cindy Chin — Cognifying Business

Cindy Chin is a world-class expert on frontier technologies. She is a mentor for startups, a NASA Datanaut and the co-founder and COO of the video analysis tool CLIPr. In our first CURAZED by events, she discusses trends in tech and business, from cognification to the advent of Gen Z entrepreneurs

Cindy Chin on…

… Zoom fatigue:

Productivity is decreasing because you’re constantly on a Zoom meeting. You can’t really multitask if you’re on camera, and the cognitive load and the context switching is very difficult for human beings.

… info overload and increased complexity:

Decision-making is easier because of the sheer amount of availability. At the same time, it’s more complicated, because as human beings we don’t always know what we want. This translates to anything from building a startup to starting your career: knowing what you want is always going to be key.

… cognification:

The pandemic has catalyzed cognification across the board. Companies that have the means and foresight to look in that direction are going to be able to adapt and modify their transformations digitally.

… Gen Z, the new generation of entrepreneurs:

Their attention spans are much quicker, so they can digest information faster – and then they make decisions so much faster. Organizations and companies have to adapt to that. You only get one shot to impress them, and your one shot is often 12 seconds or less.

… equity and female empowerment:

There’s no lack of talent anywhere: it’s just a matter of opportunities and investors seeing people’s value. It’s not female entrepreneurs who need to make changes, it’s about overcoming unconscious bias.

Cindy Chin is a world-class expert on frontier technologies. As the CEO of CLC Advisors, she acts as an advisor and board member to founding startup teams. She is also a mentor at the Google For Startups Accelerator, and as a NASA Datanaut, she supports an open data innovation program that promotes data science, coding, and gender diversity. Cindy has recently become the co-founder and COO of CLIPr, a video analysis and management platform that uses AI and machine learning to help users quickly identify key moments within video content, enabling them to organize, search, interact and share with ease and efficiency.



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