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Lab Top – 7 Questions for Women in Tech: Shanthameena Chandrasekaran

Highlighting women in tech: meet Shanthameena Chandrasekaran, Patent Portfolio Manager at SAP India. Shanthameena has over 11 years of experience in Intellectual Property, specialising in Patents. A true Renaissance woman, she has built a career uniting law, tech and engineering

Shanthameena Chandrasekaran from SAP India

 1. Please explain: what is your specific job?

Every engineering team generates inventions, and as a Patent Advisor I am aligned with certain Business units to manage our inventions and build our patent portfolio. Once an Inventor submits an invention, the Advisor is responsible for evaluating it, analysing its technical merits and determining its patent eligibility. I also conduct patent awareness sessions and provide knowledge to the Inventors about the nuances of the entire process to safeguard the IP of SAP. As a registered India Patent Agent, I coordinate with the Patent Office on Indian-origin inventions. Additionally, I work closely with the MDs Office in India and China Labs on the various Patent related initiatives.

Women in Tech From Around the World! This time we have Shanthameena Chandrasekaran from Bangalore, India!

2. Your initial inspiration to enter this industry?

I graduated in engineering and without much deliberation, I landed on an engineering job at a tech start-up. Later, I had to take a two-year maternity break, which allowed me to think about my long-term career goals. I’ve always had a strong academic inclination, and I was looking for a profession that would complement the academic interest. I chose the IP profession because it requires a good mix of knowledge in technology and law. I started my IP career, and in parallel I have been pursing my academic interest for the past ten years. I completed my Master’s in engineering, qualified at the India and US Patent Bar and am currently pursuing law.

3. Your most exciting project to date?

Every single day is exciting, due to the challenging and analytical nature of the job. The nature of portfolio management is such that acumen for the right decisions has a cascading effect on the generation of IP. Training developers, working with them and enabling them to contribute as Inventors creates a personal impact by adding value to their careers. Being aligned with the strategy and staying close to business creates an impact in protecting SAP’s best interest. Critical decision-making in carefully selecting inventions creates an impact in building a strong patent portfolio for SAP.

4. Top skills that anyone who wants to work in tech needs?

Tech is a fast-evolving industry, and hence, somebody who wants to work and excel in this field should be very passionate about the work. Innovation does not come easily as a result of perseverance, continuous learning and discipline are required. One of the primary mistakes that people commit is not upgrading their skills, and as a result they become outdated. I believe in and practice the “Five-Hour Rule”, which most successful leaders and entrepreneurs follow. The Five-Hour Rule enables one to set aside time for personal development and deliberate learning, and that is the best investment you can make for yourself.

5. What advice would you give to young professionals starting in tech?

If this is the industry you want to be in, make an informed decision. It is a dynamic field and requires continuous investment and efforts to be at the top. With increasing automation, this industry will have high-end engineering jobs in the future, which will be rewarding and relevant. Tech also offers diverse roles beyond coding. If people are aware of those options like UI/UX, Tech Writing, Product Management, Data Science/Analytics or Customer Success roles, then they can start working on those aspects much earlier in in their career. They can build a multidimensional profile with a good mix of academics, tech skills and soft skills while working on their core competency.

6. Your biggest role models?

Family and friends have been a great inspiration for me. I draw inspiration from everyone I interact with by looking for lessons that convey an optimistic vision of the future, zeal for excellence, lateral thinking to explore possibilities and opportunities, resilience and coping with tough situations. This inspiration is powerful and works as a major driving force in my development and growth.

7. People or media to follow?

TedTalks from Industry leaders, TechCrunch.



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