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Lab Top – 7 Questions for Women in Tech: Kavitha Rajamani

Bringing awareness to women in tech: Meet Kavitha Rajamani, the Chief Architect working in SAP S/4HANA. Kavitha studied Economics as well as Computers Science and currently she focuses on topics, such as security and integration. She shares how she got into IT industry and why innovation is key in this field

by F10 | 19 Nov, 2020
Lab Top – 7 Questions for Women in Tech: Kavitha Rajamani

1. What is your specific job?

I'm a Chief Architect working in SAP S/4HANA, one of SAP's flagship products. Security, Integration and Machine Learning are my key focus areas. In addition, I contribute to grooming budding Architects at SAP by running a structured Architecture curriculum.

Women in Tech From Around the World! This time we have Kavitha Ramajani from Bangalore, India!

2. Your initial spark to enter this industry?

During my undergraduate studies in Economics I was working part-time in a computer center as a course counsellor. There I first encountered e-commerce and how IT had the potential to transform businesses. The scope for possibilities that came with it made me pursue my masters in Computers and join the IT Industry.

3. Your most exciting project to date?

My most exciting assignment till date was implementing a custom banking solution in a leading co-operative bank –from gathering requirements to end user training and rolling out to ~ 700 branches in a span of nine months.

4. Top skills that anyone, who wants to work in Tech need?

Crystal clear communication, passion for technology, resilience and constant upskilling are key.

5. What advice would you give to young professionals starting in tech?

Always be on the lookout for innovative ways of problem solving, keep up with industry trends, continue to build your network, stay curious and never stop learning.

6. Your biggest role model?

I draw a lot of inspiration from leaders at my work place who are bold, have an appetite for high risk, act decisively and take ownership when things go wrong.

7. People or media (blogs, podcasts) to follow?

My favorite podcasts are:



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