Hyperautomation – Mastering Customer Centricity

The Innovation Dinner at betahaus Hamburg by CURAZE and DEFACTO GmbH on Monday September 19th was all about "Hyperautomation” and the question of how automation can help master customer centricity

Hyperautomation – Mastering Customer Centricity

What is the future of algorithms?

When is automation smart and fast and what's to consider? And might a future algorithm know better what I need than I do?

The Innovation Dinner at betahaus Hamburg by CURAZE and DEFACTO GmbH on Monday September 19th was all about "Hyperautomation” and the question of how automation can help master customer centricity.

With a keynote by Dirk Ploss and four inspiring start-ups:

aifora – The Retail Automation Platform represented by Moritz Kuhn
RISK IDENT represented by Frank Heisel
Speed Kit by Baqend represented by Felix Gessert
adSoul GmbH represented by Christoph Brenner

the guests were able to see exciting examples in action: What is possible already today, and at which speed, thanks to #hyperautomation?

And the truth is, everything that can be automated will be automated, but it's about choosing the right processes for automation, applying the right mix of technologies, and creating intelligent automation.

For the attendees, key take-aways were radical collaboration as key for success: Be fast, be bold & think big. Thanks to all of our amazing guests, who took the time and stayed for a wonderful night of chats and laughs, exchange, network, and hyperautomation: it was hyper-great having all of you with us!

What Our Guests Had to Say

Anja Vrielink (BUDNI) and Stephanie Finkbeiner (Edeka)

The nice thing about such an evening is that you suddenly think about things that you didn't even have on your mind before. They were really exciting and also very very entertainingly presented start-ups.

Anja Vrielink (BUDNI)

My attention was drawn once again to the points that exist in this special topic, which you don't have in view on a daily basis but are needed and have a huge impact. I found that very impressive.

Stephanie Finkbeiner (Edeka)
Felix Gessert (Baqend)

Directly after our pitch, someone approached us with the request, hey, that's exactly the kind of tool we were looking for - we just didn't know you existed yet. And then we exchanged ideas and realized that this is an ideal customer for us and now we are in contact. Basically, it's exactly how you want a networking event to be in the best case scenario: we come, have cool conversations, and something comes of it directly.

Felix Gessert (Baqend)
Frank Heisel (RISK IDENT)

I think it's a really cool idea to bring start-ups together with the established economy. Networking and meeting new people and new perspectives, that's always great and if business comes out of it in the end, that's not bad either, of course.

Frank Heisel (RISK IDENT)
Jenny Gruner (Hapag-Lloyd AG)

I think the format is really good, bringing companies and start-ups together, because I think both sides can cross-pollinate, learn from each other, and benefit.

Jenny Gruner (Hapag-Lloyd AG)

Photography by: Sven Sindt Photography



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