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Video Analysis and Management (VAM) platform using AI and machine learning 

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CLIPr is a Video Analysis and Management (VAM) platform using AI and machine learning to help users quickly identify key moments within video content, enabling them to organize, search, interact and share with ease and efficiency. CLIPr’s machine learning algorithms analyze audio and visual cues, indexing uploaded video content into topics which users select to create recaps of only the valuable video moments that matter to them. CLIPr’s searchable database and quick recall of video content makes it easy for employees to follow-up and take actions without relying solely on time-consuming and often incomplete note taking. The CLIPr Trainer component of CLIPr’s VAM platform allows humans to manually review the AI-processed video segments in a timeline view and make adjustments as needed, which in turn, further trains CLIPr’s machine learning algorithms to understand each user's individual preferences over time. For more information, please visit

Cindy Chin

Cindy Chin, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Cindy Chin is a serial entrepreneur, venture strategist, creative solutions leader, and cultural ambassador of the arts and sciences. She is an advisor and board member on startup and innovation teams, a strategic investment partner, a global thought leader, and speaker.

As a data evaluator, her areas of subject matter expertise include frontier technologies with data, AI, machine learning, geospatial satellite technology, clean energy, and planetary defense focus areas. In 2020, Cindy co-founded CLIPr that is building a video analysis and management (VAM) platform using AI and machine learning to help users quickly identify key moments within video content and a personal virtual library with the video recaps of your meetings, classes, and events so you have more time for things that matter most to you.

Cindy is passionate about social impact, smART cities, public-private sector partnerships and building great companies. She achieves this by defining strategies, building teams, case studies, industry reports, and workshops to scale multidisciplinary ecosystems in innovation phases of ventures that seek exponential growth, alternative revenue generation, and sustainability. Execution is key. Gender parity and diversity are significant factors for consideration.

Cindy is also a NASA Datanaut, an open data innovation program to promote data science and diversity operating within the NASA CIO office and an Ambassador of NASA’s International SpaceApps Challenge, the largest hackathon on the planet. She was part of the American delegations to the Global Entrepreneurship Summits in Silicon Valley hosted by President Obama & U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Marrakech. Cindy was also named as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs in 2018.”



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