SXSW Halftime

On Thursday September 14th, CURAZE organized a special SXSW Halftime event in Berlin to reflect and discuss the impressions and impulses from the past tour together. And to get excited for the next SXSW!

SXSW Halftime

After SXSW 2023 and before the next in 2024, CURAZE organized a halftime meeting in Berlin at the Riverside Studios for all participants and those interested in joining us for future SXSW events.

On September 14th, 6 months after SXSW, we reflected and discussed the impressions and impulses from the past tour together in Berlin. We shared our personal experiences and what lessons we have learned since.

We also invited interesting start-ups to pitch their solutions on topics such as AI and Web3 ,and took a look behind the scenes at our amazing venue Riverside Studios. Founder Martin Eyerer told us about the exciting history of the studios and his latest project in Neukölln. Alexander Iskin's AI art project, Professor Kaffeemaschine, also made an appearance. To close the day, we had a group dinner together at the former women's prison turned restaurant, Lovis. The food was criminally good!



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