Welcome to our second virtual TREND TOUR to Poland. We talked about Security and Blockchain with four different startups, each one carefully selected by the CURAZE team for its potential and groundbreaking ideas. Listen to our dialogue about future developments and get to know the founders of Nethone, Coinfirm, Digital Fingerprints and RevDeBug

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Security & Blockchain

Hosts & Moderator
Pawel Wasilewski (Future Mind) | CURAZE Representative Poland
Christian Muche | Co-Founder & Managing Partner CURAZE

Pawel Wasilewski
Christian Muche


Nethone is a machine learning-based fraud prevention Saas company that allows online merchants and financial institutions to holistically understand their end-users. With its proprietary online user profiling and ML technologies, Nethone is able to detect and prevent payment fraud, account take-overs with unrivalled effectiveness.

Nethone’s proprietary Profiler enriches the understanding of every single user with over 5,000 attributes, which are processed into actionable recommendations in real-time. While staying focused on the singularity of the client’s business, Nethone can help to lower clients’ rejection rates, costs of manual review, and risk of fraud, without touching the UX of the service- automatically and in real‑time. 

Founded in 2016 by a group of security experts, financial business executives and data scientists within Daftcode - a Poland-based venture builder, is today successfully cooperating with 50+ global eCommerce, digital goods, and financial industries.

Hubert Rachwalski

Hubert Rachwalski

Hubert led Nethone from an early-stage MVP with its first POC to a global business supporting the world's leading online platforms such as Farfetch and Allegro. Currently, he is responsible for creating and operationalizing the company’s go-to-market strategy, as well as building extensive relationships with the company's current and future investors.

He holds 2 masters degrees: an MSc from HEC Paris (MIM Grande Ecole) and an MA from the Warsaw School of Economics (Quantitative Methods in Economics & Information Systems). Before joining the Daftcode family, Hubert worked at two of the world’s leading management consulting firms – The Boston Consulting Group and PwC. Specializing in strategic advisory roles for financial institutions, IT companies and entities from the industrial goods and energy sectors, he has a world-class professional track record.


We create a safer blockchain economy by being at the forefront of innovation in crypto AML/KYC compliance and analytics. Coinfirm’s industry-leading risk management helps cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols scale sustainably.

Since being founded in early 2016 by experienced compliance, technology and finance professionals, Coinfirm has grown to become a globally recognized RegTech firm. Our offices in the UK, Poland, US, Canada and Japan are supporting financial inclusion projects, combatting human trafficking and safeguarding the world’s digital economy.

The company’s solutions are deployed by market leaders ranging from; crypto exchanges such as Binance, protocols such as XRP, to major financial institutions like PKO BP. As well as working with our corporate partners, Coinfim also provides tools for individual users.

Zuzanna Kolucka Maeji

Zuzanna Kolucka Maeji, Senior Business Development Manager

At Coinfirm, I’m helping blockchain organizations grow in Latin America, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Fluent in Portuguese, Mandarin, Polish and English. Working with clients such as Hashdex, and Kyber Network.

I support cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, payment providers, government regulators and financial institutions to reach the highest standards of compliance by detecting and preventing illicit activity in cryptocurrencies every day. 

To oversee the implementation of solutions I draw on my experience in building operations across different cultures (kickstarted and built 2 start-ups, one in Brazil and one in China) and am always aware of new regulatory market changes that affect my clients, accounts and partnerships to provide the most secure solution for their unique needs.


RevDeBug is a Software Efficiency Platform, which automates application monitoring, simplifies error troubleshooting and removes guesswork from software development. We help companies reduce time spent on identifying root causes and fixing software errors by 50% and increase your IT team’s performance by at least 20%, so they can deliver software faster and reduce risks and losses caused by software errors.

Piotr Biegun

Piotr Biegun, Board Member, Head of sales & marketing

Piotr Biegun, member of the Board of RevDeBug responsible for sales and marketing. Experienced manager, with over 10 years of experience in implementing strategic and technological projects for companies such as: Microsoft, Eurobank, BZWBK, IKEA, mBank, VISA, STS, Agora, Wirtualna Polska. Academic lecturer and mentor in acceleration programs.

Digital Fingerprints

Digital Fingerprints provides continuous authentication based on behavioural biometrics, by monitoring and capturing a person’s behaviours. The collected behaviours are stored in the form of a machine learning model that can almost instantaneously judge whether present behaviour is consistent with the user’s identity, in compliance with GDPR and PSD2 regulations. Digital Fingerprints’ method is already being used by polish banks to provide background verification of the customer’s identity.

Krzysztof Raczyński

Krzysztof Raczyński, CEO and founder

Krzysztof Raczyński – CEO and Founder of Digital Fingerpritns, a cybersecurity company based in Katowice, Poland. Passionate about technology and cybersecurity. Before starting Digital Fingerprints Krzysztof managed offshore teams for a US-Based company, and tinkered with several open-source projects. Graduate of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology with specialization in Bioinformatics.



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