Watch the highlights of our fifth virtual TREND TOUR to Japan. We talked about marketing technology and marketing communication with three different start-ups, each one carefully selected by the CURAZE team for its potential and groundbreaking ideas. Listen to our dialogue about future developments and get to know the founders of Gin Takashi Mizuoka, Makoto Suda, and Yusuke Kojima

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Marketing Technology & Marketing Communication

Hosts & Moderator
Ayumi Manabe (Nanovation) | CURAZE Representative & Partner Japan
Christian Muche | Co-Founder & Managing Partner CURAZE

Ayumi Manabe
Christian Muche

Time Machine

TIME MACHINE, Inc. was founded in November 2019, and its mission is to "create new valuable time with technology". The company provides apps such as “Schecon”, a schedule arrangement & online business card exchange service, "DENGEN CAFE", a device chargeable cafe search service, and “Meishi de Seikyu”, a business card management and easy billing app.

We are a "Time tech" company that helps people to "hack" their time. We provide busy business people around the world with the time to gain new experiences and opportunities by using technology to eliminate time wastage and improve productivity with changing work styles and lifestyles.

Makoto Suda

Born in Tokyo in 1986. After living abroad for about 15 years, entered Waseda University and studied abroad at the University of London in 2008.

CYBRIDGE Inc. in 2010 / Section manager: Leading the team as a section chief of the Digital Marketing Business Unit in 2011

Accenture in 2012 / Consultant: Responsible for consulting for strategy planning and various marketing policy planning for building a digital organization in the communication and broadcasting media domain

LIG Co., Ltd. in 2016 / Director: Appointed as a director in 2018 and oversees offshore development business Since 2020, he has also served as CEO of LIG Philippines with 180 employees in Japan and overseas

Macbee Planet

We've been specializing in marketing on the internet, using technology and a lot of data as well.

Our feature is focus on not only quantity but also quality of conversion.

We can predict customers LTV before they do Conversion by using our unique products and so many different types of a Data.


Yusuke Kojima

Yusuke Kojima, Founder & CEO

Yusuke Kojima is the Founder & CEO of Macbee Planet, which is the leading company of LTV marketing in Tokyo Japan.

He has used his experienced a lot of marketing knowledge and technology to support many domestic and global leading companies succeed.

The company he founded got listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange in less than five years.


We are developing “UPBOND”, a product that manages customer information and optimizes customer contact points. "UPBOND” consists of three core services:

  • “UPBOND Communication”: a no-code MA tool
  • “UPBOND Identity '': integrates IDs across multiple channels, manages ID linkage and acquisition of customer consent, and captures offline data
  • “UPBOND Connect”: integrates customer IDs across multiple companies.

“UPBOND Identity” integrates IDs across multiple channels, links IDs, manages the acquisition of customer consent, and captures offline data. “UPBOND Connect” integrates customer IDs across multiple companies, enabling the digitization of the market by centralizing not only online marketing but also customer information infrastructure.
We will continue to strengthen our partnerships with a wide variety of companies and services and actively develop our business.

Gin Takashi Mizuoka

Gin Takashi Mizuoka, Founder / CEO

  • Moved to the U.S. at the age of 18.
  • Started own business in China in 2011.
  • Worked on system construction and web marketing operation for several Japanese companies.
  • Became the CEO of Undone Japan Inc. in 2018.
  • After working for several companies as CTO, then founded UPBOND Inc. in 2020.



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