Watch the highlights of our virtual TREND TOUR to ISRAEL and jump into a dialogue with different start-ups, each one carefully selected by the CURAZE team for its potential and ground breaking ideas. Listen to the dialogue about Customer Journey/Centricity and get to know the founders of interesting start-ups like Anagog, Gamitee and 

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Customer Journey & Centricity

Hosts & Moderator
Nir Manor | CURAZE Representative & Retail-Tech Investor, Partner at
Claus Schuster | Co-Founder & Managing Partner CURAZE

Nir Manor
Claus Schuster

Blings has created the only video in the world that allows companies to communicate dynamic data in real time without exposing any information to a third party. This unique video format weighs 100kb, has embedded interactions and is indexable for SEO efforts!

Personalization capabilities: The Blings format has rare personalization capabilities where every element in the video can be unique - text, background, voiceover, images, colors, fonts and leyers. Moreover, the length of the video can vary according to predetermined business logics, allowing automatic distribution of different scenes to specific users, and the CTA buttons can unravel a new sequencing based on the users choice.

We are targeting CMO, VP-Marketing and Innovation Managers of companies with over 50 employees, are open to new technologies, using marketing automation tools and CRM's, mainly in the US and IL at the moment (we also have companies in Europe that have adopted our tech). In terms of GTM, we are currently selling to the following segments: Automotive, Beauty, Food & Beverages, Finance (insurance, banking, pension) and eCommers.       

Yosef Peterseil

Yosef Peterseil, COO of

Yosef Peterseil, Blings co-founder and COO has proven success in creating successful businesses, as a strategy consultant, sales executive and biz-dev. Yosef has a deep understanding and a lot of passion for video technologies.


Hyper-Personalization andCompliance: You no longer have to choose between them.

Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform allows companies to create campaigns based on their consumers’ individual attributes, preferences and actions in the real-world while avoiding data collection, thanks to the use of Edge AI..   

Itamar Banayan

Itamar Banayan, Chief Business Development Officer

Senior executive with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, heading global business development, marketing and sales organizations in various high-growth software and hardware companies.


The future of shopping online Together: We’re partnering with the world’s largest retail brands to offer their customers a real-time social shopping experience directly on their digital commerce platforms.

Joyned is the only collaborative eCommerce platform providing a cross-website, live shopping experience to online consumers. Share, vote, and chat… all without ever having to leave your site!

We empower merchants to own their shoppers' social engagements directly on-site. By creating a genuine collaborative experience through digital commerce, together we enable consumers to experience the joy & fun of shopping together with those that matter most.

Ella Stahl

Ella Stahl, VP Sales

Ella is a Computer Science and Cognitive studies graduate from the Hebrew University. She shifted from programming to sales and has been heading the sales at Joyned for the past few years. Ella is a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for innovation.



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