CIRCULAZE Virtual Trend Tour: Fashion and Textile II

On April 17th we continued our virtual Trend Tour series with Fashion and Textile Part II. Three awesome start-ups from the CIRCULAZE short- and long-list 2022 shared their solutions with us

CIRCULAZE Virtual Trend Tour: Fashion and Textile II

Fast fashion waste is a major environmental and social issue that urgently needs to be addressed. The production of clothing is a resource-intensive process that contributes to climate change, water scarcity, and pollution. Currently, the fashion industry produces 10% of all global carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply.

Additionally, the disposal of clothing in landfills contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and creates a range of environmental and health problems. Only 15% of clothing is recycled or donated, while the rest is either incinerated or sent to landfills.

After the success of the first Fashion & Textile Trend Tour, we organized a Part II to see more solutions in moving towards a circular fashion industry. From the CIRCULAZE short- and long-list 2022, start-ups Keel Labs, Restorecs, and Circulix joined us to share their Circular Economy solutions in fashion & textile.

Moderated by:

Claus Schuster,
Managing Partner of DEFACTO X GmbH, Board Member of Tribe Global, Partner of CURAZE

Keynote by:

Laurent-Frédéric Lohmann,
Impact Venture Capitalist at 4P CAPITAL

The Start-ups


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CIRCULAZE, an initiative launched by business network CURAZE, was started to connect pioneers in sustainable business management and thought leaders to form a network together with the most relevant start- and scale-ups in the field of the Circular Economy. The goal of the community is to establish a powerful ecosystem, to exchange good practices, and inspire each other on the path to even more sustainable companies. Our motto: Can't Do It Alone.

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