CIRCULAZE Virtual Trend Tour: Digital Solutions

Join us on June 29th at 17:00 CEST, as we deep dive into the topic of circular digital solutions in our next CIRCULAZE Virtual Trend Tour. Following a keynote, 3 start-ups will present their digital solutions and you, the audience, will be invited to ask questions in a Q&A session following each presentation

CIRCULAZE Virtual Trend Tour: Digital Solutions

In a recent report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, it was estimated that the global adoption of a circular economy model could generate $4.5 trillion in economic benefits by 2030. Additionally, the use of digital solutions can help to optimize the efficiency of circular economy practices, such as through the use of predictive analytics to minimize waste in the production process.

Interested in learning more about digital solutions that can help to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for society and the planet? Then be sure to register below for our next Trend Tour on June 29th!

Moderated by:

Rachel Johnson,
Program Manager CURAZE

Keynote by:


The Start-ups:



Thomas Norman Canguilhem

Based In: 

Copenhagen, Denmark

What They Do: EcoTree is a simple and ground-breaking new way to reward individuals and businesses that support sustainable forestry. They own and nurture forest land, so you can buy & own the trees. Together, they grow vibrant forests in Europe, which preserve the diversity of plant and animal life and contribute to the planet’s vital capture of CO2. If you're just getting started on your carbon journey, EcoTree's carbon calculator can help give you an estimate of your carbon emissions today. If you already have a good understanding of your footprint, they can help you quantify your sequestration requirements and select a project with you. EcoTree is passionate about growing living proof that forests can flourish AND provide at the same time!



Felix Winckler, Philippe Benedetti & Stephanie Crespin

Based In: 

London, United Kingdom

What They Do: Reflaunt’s technology solution connects retail brands and their customers to multiple second-hand marketplaces. The technology enables brands’ customers to resell their fashion items in exchange for cash or shipping credits without leaving the brand’s website. Retailers are able to track insights and analytics on a dashboard and have control over product distribution.

Circular in Motion


Leila Oksanen and Samuel Martinez

Based In: 

Venlo, Netherlands

What They Do: Powered by blockchain, Circular in Motion has developed a platform for circular materials buying and selling. Their secure, certified, blockchain-enabled digital platform supports transparent, business-to-business interactions and commercial transactions throughout the whole value chain. Every step is certified, traceable and with recorded provenance.

Are you looking for innovative ways to make your business more circular but not sure where to start? Then this is the event for you! Following a short pitch, you, the audience, will have the chance to interact directly with the start-ups in a Q&A session and make new connections.

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CIRCULAZE, an initiative launched by business network CURAZE, was started to connect pioneers in sustainable business management and thought leaders to form a network together with the most relevant start- and scale-ups in the field of the Circular Economy. The goal of the community is to establish a powerful ecosystem, to exchange good practices, and inspire each other on the path to even more sustainable companies. Our motto: Can't Do It Alone.

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