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The Global Perspective – The Rise of Women in STEM. Part 3: China

Together with SAP, we are continuing our live talk series "The Global Perspective - the Rise of Women in STEM". In our first episode, we focused on the MENA region and in the second India and Nepal. Now in part III, we turn our attention to China. According to UNDP China, over 70% of start-ups have at least one woman chief executive working in STEM—compared to just 50% in the United States. What makes Chinese women more open to enter the tech-business? We invited an extraordinary selection of first-class speakers to find out

Watch our live talk from December 14th:

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Lily Tao, Head of Support Center China, Site Manager of SAP Labs Dalian

Jenny Xiang, President at Brose China 

Maggie Li, Strategy Manager at Zhuiyi Technology

Opening note by Christine Regitz, Head of Women in Tech at SAP

Introduction by Dr. Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski, MCC Researcher, Author, and Founder of Global Women Career Lab

Moderation by Natascha Zeljko, Co-Founder and Chief Editor of FemaleOneZero and CURAZE



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