Best Apps for Self-Care

Currently, we found ourselves in uncertain and stressful times and it is no surprise that a lot of us (if not a vast majority!) struggle with mental health, in many shapes and forms. Self-care is always important, however now it's more crucial than ever to take it to the next level. As part of our #F10 Mental Health Week, we present you 5 apps that can help you achieve that! 

by F10 | 18 Nov, 2020
Best Apps for Self-Care

1. Calm

One of the most popular mindfulness apps, for a good reason – it offers an amazing range of meditating practices, starting from beginners to advanced users. The app also offers numerous settings to help you deal with sleep, anxiety and focus. All you have to do is launch it, sit back and…relax.

2. Yummly

A very important way of taking care of yourself, one that is usually underestimated, is to eat well. Sounds easier than it actually is, as not everyone is a born chef or has the time and means to prepare nutritious meals. That’s where Yummly app steps in. It offers personalized recipes, organizing tools and step-by-step guides. Bon appétit!

3. Daily Yoga

Exercise are a proven mood uplift, especially when struggling with anxiety and stress. Doing yoga not only helps you stretch and move your body, but it’s also a great workout for the mind. Daily Yoga app provides different guided classes on various advancement levels, as well as option to create personalized yoga plan to help you with exercise routine. Namaste!

4. Gaia

This app is a perfect solutions to those, who prefer to have everything in just one place. It combines meditation practices, mindfulness guides and even yoga practices, all in one. It also offers personalized astrology readings as well as alternative nutrition solutions. Meditate, heal and stretch!

5. Drink Water

Staying hydrated is crucial for taking care of yourself and even though we all know it: the more water the better, it’s very easy to slip our mind. There are thousands of apps out there, with personalized suggested daily water intake that pop a reminder on your phone and will help you stay hydrated. Drink up!



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