Tech Talk: Feedly

What makes your work – and life – easier? A quick chat about favorite tools. This time we are speaking with Jana Koch, head of business development & innovation management at comdirect bank AG

Your favorite tool:

The app Feedly

Purpose of Feedly:

Who doesn’t know the situation: you open your mailbox and have a ton of newsletters in your inbox that are intended to keep you up to date. Going through all of them takes time and if you find an interesting article you want to read, the phone rings or you have to hurry into a meeting, causing you to lose track of the article. Feedly solves this problem by allowing you to follow blogs and magazines, showing you all the content in one place. In addition, you can easily bookmark the news that are really important to you in order to read them later! 

How it works:

Simply download the app on your phone then search for your favorite blogs, keywords, companies or brands that you want to follow. You will gain fast and clear access of all the topics you have selected and that are really important to you. Create your own categories; for example, I follow fintech and technology trends but also have a category for my private interest in photography that I do not want to mix up with work related news.  If you find articles that you want to read, bookmark them and share them easily with your network via social media.  

The impact of Feedly:

I use Feedly on a daily basis to stay on track with what is happening in the banking industry. It helps me tremendously to keep up with the latest technology trends and especially fintech news. As a result, I am well informed and perform better in my job. Additionally, it saves me a ton of time by quickly screening through all the information in one place, instead of browsing different blogs, newsletters, and websites. Have a look and see if you can benefit as much as I did!


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